1).Toll Fees, Inter-State Permit charges (if any) are extra.
2).Driver bata is Rs. 300/- per day for Round Trip.3).One way Drop Charges from Pickup Place to Drop Places (Oneway Charges Only).
4).Round Trip – Night Halt Charges – Nil5).Drop Trips – Driver Bata Rs. 300. [above 300kms 1Rs per km extra]
6).Hill Station Charges – Rs. 300(To and Fro 500Rs)7).we do not switch on A/C while traveling upwards in hill station. Also while parked or stopped.
8).Round Trips – Minimum running must be 250kms per day. For Bengaluru it is minimum 300kms per day.
9).Drop Trips – Minimum running must be 130 kms per day. 1 day means 1 Calender day (from midnight 12 to Next Midnight 12).10).Waiting Charges will be Rs.2 per min.(Except 30 min for food.)
11).Total Number of Kilometers will be Calculated From Departure point to Departure Point(Places where we start.